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Heatley deal

I know I should have said this last weekend but I was busy.

Ottawa Senators get:

  • Cheechoo
  • Michalek
  • 2nd round pick

Cheechoo is probably the Tony Batista of hockey. He was great for a time, but the moment he declined he declined terribly, because his mechanics are so bad nobody knows what to fix.

Michalek scored goals in the twenties while playing with the best pure play-maker of the post-Lockout era. Why does anyone think he’ll score more playing with someone who isn’t as good a set up man?

The pick should have been a first rounder.

San Jose Sharks get:

  • Heatley
  • 5th round pick

Heatley is the 3rd best pure goal scorer of the last 6 or 7 years probably. At the moment, he scores a ridiculous 0.513 goals per game, which is 18th all-time. The only two current players who score more often are Ovechkin and Kovalchuk. Obviously, that number will decline later but he’s not yet thirty so one would think he won’t keep it up. And he has chemistry with Thornton, as they’ve lit it up when they played on Davos and at the Worlds together.

The Sharks have found a few diamonds in the rough with low picks so there’s reason to believe they could conceivably get something with a 5th rounder. Anyway, it’s another asset.

How anyone (cough Cox cough) could argue the Sens won or got equal value from this deal is beyond me. It is very apparent that the Sharks kiled the Sens in this. The only thing bad for the Sharks is that Heatley is, like Thornton, a notorious playoff choke artist. But in terms of the regular season, this should look pretty stupid for the Sens in a few months, when Cheechoo is a 3rd liner, Michalek is scoring at or below his rate from last year, and Heatley is on pace to another 50-goal season.

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