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Bakjwi aka Thirst (2009, Chan-woo Park)

The idea of vampires being used as some kind of metaphor for sex has probably been around for as long as vampires have been in literature. It’s not a new thing. And so, initially, this film feels like yet another in the endless line of erotic vampire films.

However, the film has enough twists and turns in the usual story that it does not feel at all like a conventional vampire film.


For one thing, once the A Place in the Sun type act is committed, the film takes a darkly comic turn into more of a comedy about what happens to couples who commit murder. Park handles this in an ingenious way that I’ve never seen before and it’s fantastic. The problem is, this idea is in a vampire film. And this is where my problem lies with the movie.

There are too many ideas in this film. In fact, it’s three films. First, there’s the vampire origin story that seems pretty original compared to the ones that I’ve seen. It’s the erotic vampire film part. Then there’s the dark comedy film about committing murder and not being able to forget the film. Finally, there’s a third part to the film that’s basically a vampire buddy comedy drama, or something. All three of these might have succeeded on their own. I’m not sure they succeed as the acts of a film though.

But it’s entertaining.


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