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Blissfully Yours aka Sud sanaeha (2002, Apichatpong Weerasethakul)

The hype would have us believe that this is one of the great films of the 21st century. At this point in my life, I have seen a lot of deliberately paced, enigmatic foreign films set in tropical idylls. Watching this, I am stuck wondering what it is that has made this one the one that people celebrate over and above the others.


Getting the audience to experience a wonderful quiet day in the country is always a tall order. It’s a tall order that I feel like is better accomplished with character development and a set up. Unfortunately, in this film the set up for the quietude of the country is the tedium of every day life. That might work, but it’s a delicate balance that I don’t think this films comes near to it. Instead, the opening half is boring and the second half is just boring in a different light. The explicit sex in the second half of the film does not come off as romantic to me, nor does it come off as exciting; it’s just slightly less boring. The sleeping is more boring.

On a side note: when I was teenager, I dreamed of making a movie in which the credits appeared in the middle of the film. I thought that would be sooooo innovative. Well, this guy went and did it. I guess it’s mildly amusing to adult me. (I do understand why he did it, though, as a way of starting the more important part of the film. Certainly there’s an appeal to the idea as a concept. I’m not sure it’s more than a teenage ish idea though.)

There are tons of movies like this. Why is this one the one that everyone thinks is great? Is it because of the sex? Is it because it was banned because of the sex? Did I miss something?


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