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The Westing Game (1978) by Ellen Raskin

This is the kind of novel all kids should read. I am far too old for this type of book now but, as a child or tween, this would have been great. It feels like a legitimate game – it’s basically a far more complicated version of Clue, but with character development – and its humour is rooted in character and well-known stereotypes – in the sense of debunking those stereotypes. It’s a crime this book wasn’t turned into a kid’s adventure film in the ’80s, ala Goonies.

I can’t say I loved the ending (really the denouement) but that’s just about the only criticism I have of a book that is shockingly readable for adults despite being written explicitly for “young adults.”

Well worth your time, especially if you want to read it first, to decide if it is right for the child/tween in your life.


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