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The Bob’s Burgers Music Album (2017)

Much like The Simpsons (at least back when I watched it) music plays a very significant role in Bob’s Burgers. In fact, it plays an even more significant role, given the singing propensities of multiple characters in the Belcher family. This album collects the featured songs from the show, as well as a few covers of those songs by prominent contemporary bands, in an absurd collection of 112 tracks. I should note that, to the best of my knowledge, the little unique musical snippets that end each episode are not present. If included one could imagine this collection being a lot longer… (Twice as long?)

If you like musical parody, this collection is for you. Though there are a few (deliberately awful) covers of famous songs, most of these song frequents are clever parodies of styles and genres of music (or, in some cases, very specific performers, such as Tori Amos). The parodies are often so dead-on that you kind of which they had written whole songs; they leave you wanting more, which is definitely the better way to go with parodies.

The fragments capture the spirit of the show about as well as anything and this collection is just the kind of thing I was looking for. As a fan of the show who has not managed to sit down and watch every episode, this feels almost like a Greatest Hits version of the show, giving me some of my favourite moments, as well as many I’ve missed, in a pretty great package.

Highly recommended for fans of musical comedy or Bob’s Burgers.


  1. The Bob’s Burgers Theme Song
  2. Lifting Up the Skirt of the Night
  3. Butts, Butts, Butts
  4. Theme From Banjo
  5. Da Ding Ding
  6. Pirates of Panache
  7. Weekend at Mort’s
  8. Sex Music
  9. Wing Man
  10. Taffy Butt
  11. Getting Out of P.E.
  12. Groping for Glory
  13. Oil Spill
  14. One Way or Another
  15. The Prince of Persuasia
  16. Bad Girls
  17. You Got Beefsquatched
  18. Milkin’ the Cow
  19. Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!
  20. Parakeet in Your Hat
  21. Kill the Turkey
  22. The Diarrhea Song
  23. Silent Love
  24. Silent Muffler
  25. The Harry Truman Song
  26. Daddy / The Itsy Bitsy Stripper
  27. Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex
  28. You’re the Best
  29. Mad Pooper
  30. Buckle It Up
  31. Love Mission
  32. Two People
  33. Can’t Get Enough (of Your Woman Stuff)
  34. Funky Finger
  35. This Is Working
  36. Baby Hold On
  37. Electric Love
  38. T-I-N-A
  39. The Snake Song
  40. Fracas Foam
  41. The Kids Run the Restaurant
  42. Coal Mine
  43. Whisper in Your Eyes
  44. I Wanna Hear Your Secrets
  45. I’ve Got a Yum Yum
  46. Rain, Rain, Flash, Flash
  47. We’re Coming for Ya
  48. Quicky Kiss It
  49. Prankin’
  50. Sneaky Pete
  51. Gravy Boat
  52. We Won the Talent Show
  53. Derek Dematopolis
  54. Not Bad for Havin’ Three Kids
  55. Jingle in the Jungle
  56. Slumber Party Fashion Show
  57. It’s Not Magic It’s Tragic
  58. The Fart Song
  59. Hava Nagila
  60. Equestranauts Theme
  61. Nice Things Are Nice
  62. Wharf of Wonder
  63. Bad Things Are Bad
  64. Die Hard / Working Girl Musical Medley
  65. Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl
  66. Jeff (Il est mort)
  67. Your Best Friend
  68. Love Is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)
  69. Christmas Magic
  70. Happy Crappy Place
  71. Darryl’s Slow Jam
  72. I’m Jimmy Jr. Pesto
  73. The Sheriff Had a Piggy
  74.  Lipstick on His Pickup
  75. I’ll Trade You These Tears / I Won’t Go Solo on You
  76. Shimmy Tap
  77. Date Night
  78. Don’t You Love Cotton Candy
  79. Jam With Darryl
  80. His Name Is Lenny
  81. I Don’t Need Music
  82. I Want Some Burgers and Fries
  83. BM in the PM
  84. I’m Falling for Helen
  85. 99 Red Balloons
  86. It’s Called Fate (and It’s Great)
  87. I Love You So Much (It’s Scary)
  88. It’s Thanksgiving for Everybody
  89. The Spirits of Christmas
  90. The Nice-Capades
  91. Amor for Favor (Me Llamo Tina)
  92. It’s Valentine’s Day
  93. Hot Ham and Cheese Day
  94. Cease and Desist
  95. Muse Dance
  96. If You Love Something
  97. Fart Stools (for the Gifted)
  98. Do the Dirty Pigeon
  99. Two Butted Goat
  100. Butt Phone
  101. Breaking Out
  102. Mononucleosis
  103. Just What I Needed
  104. I Love Charades
  105. I’m Tall Enough
  106. Yat Dat Dat Da
  107. Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom
  108. St. Vincent – Bad Girls
  109. Stephin Merritt & Kenny Mellman – Electric Love
  110. The National – Sailors in Your Mouth
  111. The National – Christmas Magic
  112. The National & Låpsley – Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom

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