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Consumed (1998) by Plastikman

I do not listen to a lot of electronic music though at this point in my life I am listening to far, far more than I ever have before. This recent experience is giving me at least some context when I listen to other stuff but I regularly find myself listening to a record released sometime in the 1990s with virtually no context. This is such a record.

To the extent that I am familiar with electronic music, it is that made by German musicians in the 1970s, and Brian Eno. At this point I’ve also heard a number of the “landmarks” of electronic music in the 1990s, but these cover a wide range of styles and I can honestly say that not a single one sounded like Consumed. So, basically, here I am again out of my depths.

Unlike some of the ambient stuff I’ve heard, this almost always has a driving pulse to it, which is why I guess it’s much more “techno” than “ambient.” But it’s still extremely minimalist most of the time, or at least appears that way, because even when additional sounds come in, they are sparse and they are also quiet. (I am listening to this record on headphones but I almost feel like I need to be in some kind of deprivation chamber to really appreciate it.)

There is undoubtedly artistry to this, even if it’s music that I personally would not really put on by choice. But the problem for my intellect is whether or not that artistry is relatively unique or accomplished. I have literally no idea as all I really know about Plastikman is that at one point Hawtin was Canada’s most famous DJ, so famous that even someone like me knew his name.

No idea.


All tracks written by Richie Hawtin.

  1. “Contain” 8:29
  2. “Consume” 11:19
  3. “Passage (In)” 0:53
  4. “Cor Ten” 6:50
  5. “Convulse (Sic)” 1:22
  6. “Ekko” 3:55
  7. “Converge” 4:24
  8. “Locomotion” 8:49
  9. “In Side” 12:37
  10. “Consumed” 11:42
  11. “Passage (Out)” 3:11

Richie Hawtin – music
Nilz – mastering

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