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Shadow in the Cloud (2020, Roseanne Liang)

This is a bizarre film with a premise that kind of appealed to me in reading about it but, which, in execution, is a giant mess.


So the premise is kind of a cool: a woman on a bomber in WWII is trapped in the ball turret and sees something but none of the men in the crew believe her. I was intrigued.

And, I must admit, there are plenty of stupid movies out there with male heroes doing stupid shit for not very good reasons. So this could be seen as a necessary corrective. If it were any good…

But this is a noticeably low budget movie. And it’s pretty clunky in the early going. So many things don’t work for me. For example: they’re in what looks like a B-17 but it’s a cargo plane (with no cargo). Like I just want a little bit of an attempt at realism, right? Like, set the film in a bomber if you want to set it in a bomber, and set it in a cargo plane if you want to set it in a cargo plane.

So this is where the SPOILERS come in.

And then things get fucking nuts, and not in a good way. The MacGuffin isn’t a MacGuffin, it’s a baby. (Seriously.) And the whole secret mission is just cover for this utterly bizarre attempt to flee an abusive husband. The plot is not good, and is reminiscent of many a bad horror movie.

And then there are some stunts which would be really cool if they were real but involve a set and a wind machine.

But I can imagine the cheers from the women in the audience had I actually been in a theatre watching this. I understand what they were going for, I understand the compulsion to make this movie. I just wish it was a better movie.

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