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MTV Unplugged (1991) by The Cure

This is a just a great set, the whole reason to have the show. It’s wonderful to see such an established band actually taking this concept to heart. So many artists don’t really commit to the concept.

I like the song selection, it’s super quirky aside from the obvious recent hit (“Just Like Heaven”) and the early hit (“Boys Don’t Cry”). “Let’s Go to Bed” was a minor non-album single. “The Caterpillar” was an unsuccessful single from one of their less regarded albums. “The Blood” was a deep cut. “The Walk” was a minor single from a comp. Just a weird selection. But this is the kind of song selection artists should use for one-off TV specials. Make it fun.

But the most fun part is the arrangements: quirky, goofy and just outright out-there for The Cure, a band increasingly known for layers of keyboards. There’s violin, there’s kazoos, there’s a toy piano, there are various percussion instruments, there’s no drum kit. This is the way to do it.

This is a band just enjoying themselves with the concept. It’s what this type of series was meant for. My only complaint is how unbelievably short it is. I would have loved a much longer, album-length performance. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also just too short. I’d be even more into it if it was a proper show.


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