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Long Shot (2019, Jonathan Levine)

This is a pretty funny movie based on an absurd premise that gets even less believable as it goes. Like any of these politician romance/romantic comedy films, you have to suspend your disbelief. This film at least is funny.

I laughed a lot. More than I expected I would. The script has enough jokes to mostly let us not think about how silly the whole thing.

And it is pretty silly. Somehow Rogen’s character ends up at an event where the Secretary of State is also there, and they knew each other in childhood. The latter is obviously more believable than the former but it gets sillier from there. Rogen’s character spends way too much around Theron’s character from the get-go, it’s just hard to believe that a punch-up writer would spend anywhere near this much time around the Secretary, especially without other people. And then the unbelievability escalates from there, leading the inevitable thing where somehow this kooky romance doesn’t affect the politician’s career negatively. If there’s one thing we know about American voters, they are super forgiving and open-minded when it comes to their politicians.

The cast is excellent. Rogen and Theron have good chemistry and everyone else acquits themselves well. (You somehow believe that Theron would be interested in Rogen, even though, you know…)

And, like I said, I laughed much more than I thought.


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