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The Oldest View (2023)

This is a YouTube video series of videos from a guy apparently known for these horror ish shorts. His name is Kane Parsons and the channel is Kane Pixels. He is known for something called Backrooms, which I haven’t seen. I found this through someone claiming something like “it’s the best horror movie of 2023” or something over-the-top like that. So I watched it.

Note: I’ve classified this as “TV” because IMDB does but it’s obviously far from conventional TV. The episodes aren’t of a standard length, for one thing.

This is a 3-part film told, mostly in found-footage style. The first video is related to the first two videos but it’s really the second two that are the narrative. I don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t seen it but I think you could absolutely enjoy this by watching only parts 2 and 3.

Found footage is a really tired genre at this point. But Parsons manages to breathe some life into it with this somewhat unconventional approach, which relies more on creepiness than jump scares. It’s relatively free of extreme shaky camera and it’s mysterious and weird enough that I do think it’s probably worth your time.

It’s kind of hard to discuss it without revealing some of the plot, but I will say that some of the appeal is the uncanniness of what Parsons films and it turns out that at least some of this is inspired by real life. (I would strongly suggest not learning anything about this if you’re interested in it, just watching it and learning more later.)

If you’re interested, I’ve embedded the three episodes below:


“Beneath the Earth”

“The Rolling Giant”

Should I watch Backrooms?

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