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Kelce (2023, Don Argott)

Full disclosure: I did not really know who Jason Kelce was. I knew he was the brother of Travis, something I found out only recently when I learned, through Jenn, about their podcast. (I only found out about Travis because of you know who.) I have long ago stopped paying attention to football and especially the NFL. (The NFL went before the CFL for me. I always preferred CFL football.) But even when I watched the NFL, I couldn’t have named many Centers. I’m sure I was aware that there were two brothers in last year’s Super Bowl but I don’t remember that any more. So I had basically no idea who this guy was.

This is a pretty standard sports documentary about someone thinking about possibly hanging it up, with the crucial difference that he has a brother in the same sport who plays for another good team. I knew nothing about what Kelce meant to Philadelphia and so I suspect something like this means more to someone form Philly than most other people. For someone like me, who does not have any feelings about him, I found him fairly insightful and self-aware, and seemingly a very good dad. I assume he approved the cut so I have no idea what he is really like.

The documentary covers what might be his final year – if you know the NFL or have the internet, you know whether or not it is – the great start the Eagles get off to, his wife’s pregnancy, and the surprise hit podcast he has with his brother. (And that other thing that happens.) It’s pretty rote but is made more interesting by Kelce, his wife and his family, and their reflections. This is something every star athlete struggles with and this particular athlete seems a little more aware of it than some others.

But it is just another sports documentary about an aging star and there’s nothing about it that stands out to me in comparison to other documentaries of its ilk. I suspect at least some of that comes from the likelihood that it is authorized. Oh, and the soundtrack is kind of shitty and kind of made us both laugh a little bit.


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