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The Devil Operation (2010, Stephanie Boyd)

This is a low budget, brief and frustratingly crappy documentary about the lengths to which corporations and countries will go to try make money.

This is a shoddily made film. There’s narration but it’s sporadic. There’s animation but it’s sporadic. There are interviews but they are sporadic. There’s clearly way more than enough material to support an actual feature length film but not enough budget, I guess, so we get a partial story. I guess it’s possible that the nature of the film’s subject matter restricted the budget but Bananas!* and Big Boys Gone Bananas got made the villain of those films was arguably more powerful so…

This is a story that should be told. I’m glad there’s a documentary about it. But I wish there was a good documentary about it. It’s no surprise to me that this film doesn’t even have an IMDB entry. (Could the crew not be bothered to do it themselves?) The whole thing feels kind of casual, like a school project that reached it’s 50 minute requirement and just ended. Corporate espionage, especially when it’s applied to individuals, needs to be exposed. And state or stage-adjacent organizations acting to benefit private corporations need to be exposed, especially if they are benefitting foreign corporations. But you need to actually tell a good story in order to do that well – to capture attention and outrage. And it’s hard to tell a good story in 50 minutes. It’s also hard to tell a good story with the budget limitations here.

If you read the description of this film on the internet, you will be compelled and think “oh this is going to be really interesting.” And then you watch the movie. It’s a mess and it’s incomplete.


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