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Fugitive Alien (1986, Minoru Kanaya, Kiyosumi Kuzakawa)

I watched the second Fugitive Alien first, back in 2022. I watched this second because of the order it aired for the original season of Mystery Science Theater 3000. (They later fixed the order for the proper show.) Not that it matters. If you don’t already know, this is just two episodes of a Japanese TV show stitched together.

First off, in the opening, if you drink every time someone says “Ken,” you will probably die. The raiders are wearing blonde wigs for some reason that is never explained.

It’s so great when the guy just walks through an office and it’s supposed to be a space port. So much of this is just filmed in conventional locations with no attempt to make anything look like it’s in a science fiction film.

There’s a great sequence where they jump cut between closeups of Ken and the ship’s captain aggressively and it is a lot of fun.

This woman is sent to kill Ken and she just ends up in a desert with a weird filter and some orange clouds. Ken was, of course, last seen in space, not in a weird orange-ish desert.

There’s a slide show! A slide show!

As with the other one, it’s kind of incredible this film was made in the 1980s. The effects are so bad. And sometimes the soundtrack is pretty incongruous, like with that introduction to the retrofitted ship. (It turns out, it was actually filmed in 1978, which is why it looks so old.)

This one actually fits together better than the sequel.

I love how that one planet is Japanese Arabs. It’s great, actually, because it’s probably how non-white people when they watched Hollywood films and watched white people play every ethnicity and Mexicans play east Asians, etc.

And the movie just ends with a “To be continued” because, I guess, they assumed you would absolutely watch the sequel. Do I remember the plot of that sequel? Not at all.

2/10 as it’s a bad TV movie assembled from a TV show from another country from 8 years earlier. Standards should be low.

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