Alternative Facts Are Older Than Facts

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aka Western Philosophy Caused Alternative Facts We are told that so-called “alternative facts” are a new threat to us as a society; to how we view and understand the world and how we make decisions about the world (policies etc). But I think the idea of an “alternative” fact is far older and, worse, rooted in the very basic ideas most of us who’ve grown up with Christianity and Western philosophy believe to be true. I blame Plato for alternative facts. Okay, I don’t just blame Plato for alternative facts, I blame Western normative philosophy. But, as the saying goes, Read More

Fascism is Alive and Well in the United States of America

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I must admit that I have been somewhat of a “Trump optimist” these last few months. I believed in his obvious, demonstrable incompetence at just about everything he does (except branding and self-promotion, obviously). (He’s been abetted in this incompetence by untold numbers of people if you’re wondering why someone who is generally incompetent can be rich; con-men are only good at convincing you they’re good at something.) When others told me he was dangerous, I told them that I would believe it when I saw it but, for the time being, I preferred to believe that he would just Read More

Well that was Stupid

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Regardless of how you feel about last night’s US general election, why did that take 18 months? Why does it take 18 months to make a decision about who should be president? 18 months! This is not normal. No other democracy in the world takes this long to pick its head of state. None. This is abnormal. Until Americans realize this en masse, it’s safe to say meaningful electoral reform will not occur. Read More