A Natural History of Human Morality (2016) by Michael Tomasello

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For the vast majority of recorded human history, we humans have believed that morality comes from somewhere outside of us; from “above,” from the ether, from some kind of benevolent creator, etc. Even as we have learned more and more about how humans evolved from apes who evolved from “lower” animals who evolved from “lower” lifeforms who evolved from, essentially, “ooze” we have still maintained that human morality comes from outside of human beings. The idea is that morality has been bestowed on us by something, or existed before we did, and we access it. When I was growing up Read More

The Existence of God

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To the best of our knowledge, the universe is 13,799,000,000 years old, plus or minus 21,000,000 years and, at the very least, 154,000,0000,000 light years wide (though many believe it to be much larger) and, to the best of our knowledge, it took this long to get this big. To the best of our knowledge, the Milky Way, our galaxy, formed about 12,500,000,000 year ago (or approximately 1.299 billion years into the history of the universe), or thereabouts, when the universe was quite young and (relatively) tiny. To the best of our knowledge, our solar system formed about 9,200,000,000 years Read More

The Evolution of Man

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A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the evolution of the noun we use to address others (whatever that may be called, examples chap, man, dude, buddy, whatever), but I forgot to share it with you. It is this: McChief. That’s right, chief + mac = McChief. It combines forms popular in the ’40s and the ’70s (I think), and is therefore wholly appropriate for the ’00s. You should call all your friends McChiefs. Read More