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Your NBA Champion 2018-19 Toronto Raptors

I attended a Raptors game at Sky Dome. But I’m not one of those fans who can say that I have been a fan of the Raptors the entire time. The seats we had at the Dome were bad enough my only memory is not being able to see the ball well and not understanding …

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Your 2017-2018 Toronto Raptors: Blow it all up?

Every year at this time of year I usually write a recap of the Raptors season. (Before I switched allegiances, it was a Leafs’ recap.) I’m sorry to say I don’t really do this for other people. I know there are actual basketball writers in the world who have actual things to say about Toronto …

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Initial Reactions to the Raptos’ 2016 Draft

I saw a CBC story that claimed Raptors fans (on twitter) were not happy with Toronto’s #9 pick. Some twitter users were unfamiliar with Poeltl because they apparently do not follow college basketball or NBA mock drafts or…maybe they aren’t even actually Raptors fans (but just play them on twitter)?

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Your 2015-2016 Toronto Raptors

Putting aside any disappointments we may feel about those last two games, it must be acknowledged that, by nearly any standard, this was the Greatest Team in Franchise History; the most regular season wins, the most home wins, the most road wins, the most playoff wins… I may have had my expectations raised too high …

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The Top 5 Raptors Draft Picks of All Time

The other day, I covered 10 of the “best” 15 draft picks the Raptors have made. Today we’ll be talking about the Top 5, the 5 players the Raptors have drafted, a couple of whom might actually make it into the Hall of Fame some day. I will be using a different format for covering …

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Raptors Best Draft Picks as of 2015

Earlier this season (2014-15), a click-bait article was published on TSN about the “best” Raptors draft picks of all time, given that this was their 20th season and all. They were, according to the author: Bosh Mighty Mouse Mo Pete DeRozan T Mac No explanation was given for why Mo Pete is considered to be …

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Your 2014-15 Toronto Raptors

Last year, as the Raptors neared setting a record for regular season wins in a season, I wondered which was the best Raptors team ever. A weeks later I concluded last year’s edition ranked among the best. But at the beginning of this calendar year, I was optimistic that we were seeing the best team …

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Your 2013-14 Toronto Raptors

A little while ago I wondered aloud whether or not this Raptors team would rank among the best ever. Now that they have been eliminated by the Nets, I think we can say that they were clearly not the best Raptors team ever – that is still the 2001 edition – but they rank up …

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Are the 2013-14 Raptors the Best Raptors team ever?

The Raps just clinched their second division title in franchise history – with a loss! how typical – and are 2 wins away from setting the record for wins in a season (with 3 games to play). And though no one would argue that this team contains any all-time Rap greats (except, perhaps Lowry), this …

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On Your Way, Jose

You may wonder why I haven’t yet started a “Campaign to fire Bryan Colangelo” in this space. Well, there are two main reasons. To this day, I do not know basketball like I know hockey. At this moment, without cable and without league pass, I watch way more college basketball than NBA basketball, and I …

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Raptors’ 2012 NBA Draft

This year the Raptors clearly drafted by need and I can’t say I’m happy about it. In my recent review of the Leafs’ 2012 draft I examined the reasons to draft by talent and by need (and why, if you can determine who is the most talented, it makes sense to draft by talent and …

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2009 Toronto Drafts

So I figured I’d share my opinions about the Drafts but suddenly it was early July and I hadn’t done anything yet. Oops. Maple Leafs: It could have been better and it could have been worse. Burke should have kept his mouth shut. I still believe he could have maneuvered to get a top 3 …