Wyclef Jean Presents The Carnival featuring Refugee Allstars (1997)

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I have literally no idea what to do with this.

This record is 72 minutes long and includes a bunch of catchy songs (some of which were hits that I know from the radio, some of which are catchy because they are the hip hop equivalent of covers) and a seemingly endless number of skits. There’s also a bunch of other songs that are not as catchy as the singles.
I’m not sure if I’ll ever get hip hop the way so many other people do, but I can often respect the production and find stuff of interest in that, if nothing else.
But the barriers that prevent me from enjoying hip hop are all the more present in the skits that (for me) dominate “mix tapes,” skits I rarely enjoy and which distract me from the music. I can’t my old man self, but I like albums that are full of music on them and I have never really enjoyed skits by musicians. (I enjoy skits by comedy troupes who are, usually, much better at them than musicians for some strange reason.)
So this record is just a drag to me. It’s just interminable. I hope that on the podcast someone can help me appreciate it better.
I’m sure it’s very well done.

6/10 I guess. Honestly I have no idea.

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