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A Little Too Cozy Live at Studio 42 at the CBC May 20, 2016

On Friday we saw a modernization of Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte, an opera I have never heard before. This adaptation sets the opera in a reality show where contestants are supposed to pledge their love to each other without actually meeting, similar to the original plot I assume.

This is a bawdy one – I’m not sure if the original is this way – but it mostly works. Occasionally some of the jokes – whether blue or cultural reference-based – feel a little cheap, but mostly it’s consistently amusing.

The one issue I had with the whole thing is that the TV studio was not suited to opera (shock, horror). So we couldn’t hear one of the main characters very well, especially when she was on the other side of the stage, missing much of the humour with her character that wasn’t physical comedy.

Anyway, it’s pretty enjoyable. You should go see it if you’re into this sort of thing.


  • Cairan Ryan (Baritone): Donald L. Fonzo, Cozy show host
  • Caitlin Wood (Soprano): Despina, Cozy talent relations
  • Shantelle Przybylo (Soprano): Felicity, ad agency accountant
  • Rihab Chaieb (Mezzo-soprano): Dora, social media strategist
  • Aaron Sheppard (Tenor): Fernando, day trader
  • Clarence Frazer (Baritone): Elmo, market analyst
  • Joel Ivany: Stage Director
  • Christopher Mokrzewski: Music Director
    Jason Hand: Lighting Designer
  • Snezana Pesic: Set and Costume Designer

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