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Computer Games (1982) by George Clinton

Though credited to George Clinton, this is a Parliament album in all but name: it is performed by the same people and the general vibe of Parliament permeates everything. The only difference really is the context: it’s the ’80s, and technology has changed and “Planet Rock” is a thing.

My understanding is that Clinton was experiencing legal difficulties with the “Parliament” name, so he signed under his own name and P-Funk All Stars. I can’t help but think it’s a little hilarious that a man with such a convoluted discography for his bands would have that bite him in the ass. I mean, it’s hardly fair, but it’s amusing.

Anyway, so this is a Parliament album. And it’s very much an ’80s Parliament album, as you can hear new technology. Clinton gets some credit for incorporating new developments in his music, but I can’t say I love the very ’80s sound of this record.

I will see this record seems to have been even more influential than some earlier records, at least recognizably so since I now know where “What’s My Name?” comes from. (Though it’s only the most famous part of that song that comes from this record. But check out the list of songs which sample “Atomic Dog.” It’s insane.)

But no matter how popular this one is, I can’t say I love it. It’s still goofy but feels like the goofy mythology is gone and the use of drum machines makes the music less interesting.

Damn ’80s. Have to ruin everything.


  1. “Get Dressed” (George Clinton, Bootsy Collins) – 3:41
  2. “Man’s Best Friend/Loopzilla” (Clinton, Gambrell, Garry Shider, David Spradley) – 12:51
  3. “Pot Sharing Tots” (Clinton, Walter Morrison) – 3:45
  4. “Computer Games” (Clinton, Morrison) – 6:46
  5. “Atomic Dog” (Clinton, Shider, Spradley) – 4:47
  6. “Free Alterations” (Darryl Clinton, Clinton) – 4:20
  7. “One Fun at a Time” (Clinton, Morrison) – 4:29
  • Junie Morrison, Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins, Chong-Rahni Harris, Capt. Draw, Terry Jones, Dennis Chambers, Maceo Parker, Malia Franklin, Daryl Clinton, Larry Fratengello, Muruga Booker, Eddie Hazel, Tony Strat Thomas, Garry Shider, Larry Heckstall, George Bunny, Robert “P-Nut” Johnson, Clip Payne, Gary “Mudbone” Cooper, Sir Nose D’voidafunk, Jessica Cleaves, Sub Woofer, Ray Davis, Dawn Silva, Sheila Horn, Jeanette McGruder, Lynn Mabry, Shirley Hayden, Janice Evans, Carol Myles, Vanessa Pe, Gal Owens, Cynthia Girty, Jimmy Keaton, Julius Keaton, Eddie Hodge, Ron Ford, Ameta Walker, Gwendolyn Dozier, Carmen McGee, Brenda Forman, Joyce Pearson, Trina Frazier, Jessie Driscoll, Veronica Faust – Musicians and vocalists
  • Dave Baker, Mike Iacapelli, John Jaszcz, Tony Ray, Greg Reilly, Jeff Turkin, Jim Vitti, Greg Ward – Engineer
  • George Clinton, William Collins, Ted Currier, Walter “Junie” Morrison, Gary Shider – Producer
  • George Clinton, Jim Morrison, Fred Wesley – Arranger
  • Greg Reilly, Jim Vitti – Mixing

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