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Touch (1983) by Eurythmics

The distinguishing characteristic about the Eurythmics that makes them more accessible to me is that, unlike most synthpop bands from their era, they believe in instruments other than sythesizers and sequencers and the like.

It’s been long enough since I listened to Sweet Dreams that I really cannot say if their songwriting has improved; I assume it has but I honestly don’t remember. I do feel as though I like this particular set of songs a little bit more, off of memory, and perhaps more than the only later record of theirs I’ve heard too. But some of this is probably because, the more I hear Annie Lennox, the more I get used to her particular point of view.

For a synthpop record, there is a lot going on in the arrangements and that is something I really appreciate. I just can’t get into how mechanical so much synthpop sounds even when there is a particular soulful singer, like in Yazoo. I’d much rather listen to something like this, where there is other stuff to pay attention to. Even in the more simplistic songs, there is a lot to grab you.

I’m still not sure I’ll ever love this band, but I do feel as though as though they take the idea of ‘synthesizers plus singer’ to far more interesting places than most of these groups. That’s because they cheat, of course, but I’d rather that they cheat. It helps that Lennox is so charismatic.


All tracks written by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart

  1. “Here Comes the Rain Again” 4:54
  2. “Regrets” 4:43
  3. “Right by Your Side” 4:05
  4. “Cool Blue” 4:48
  5. “Who’s That Girl?” 4:46
  6. “The First Cut” 4:44
  7. “Aqua” 4:36
  8. “No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)” 5:24
  9. “Paint a Rumour” 7:30
  • Annie Lennox – lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards, flute, arrangements
  • David A. Stewart – guitars, keyboards, dulcimer, xylophone, backing vocals, drum sequencer, synthesiser sequencer, arrangements

Additional musicians

  • Dick Cuthell – trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet
  • Dean Garcia – bass guitar
  • Michael Kamen – string arrangements, string conducting
  • British Philharmonic Orchestra – strings
  • Martin Dobson – baritone saxophone on “Right by Your Side”

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