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The Predator (2018, Shane Black)

I have seen every Predator movie except for the prequel and every Alien vs. Predator movie and I think it’s safe to say that this one, for most of its runtime, is the most intentionally funny film in the series. That makes it probably the most entertaining film in the series since the first film. (I get that the AVP films are entertaining in another sense.)

This film takes itself less seriously than the earlier Predator films. It has been a long time since I’ve seen any of them, but this film has jokes in a way that no other Predator film has (as far as I can remember). And that helps. It also helps that it has a remarkably good supporting cast, which makes everything work a lot better than it might have with a film full of Holbrooks.

The plot is what you would expect – there is a good Predator and some super-duper evil super Predator – but the jokes make it work better than it should. The film also tries to set up a sequel, as these types of films often do, but it seems like that hasn’t happened yet. (I consider that a good thing.)

Unlike Predators this film doesn’t try to trick you into some high concept thing that is actually just a Predator film. It knows what it is. And it is mostly successful at that. Where it loses me is in the climax. There are ridiculous, unbelievable moments throughout but they get sillier in the climax with the spaceship. And there are some attempts at making us believe that these convicts share a real bond, which…I mean, come on, just stick to the bit.

Still more fun than I imagined it would be.


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