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Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022, Halina Reijn)

This is a fun horror comedy that pokes fun at the kind of rich people who use contemporary “woke” language to hide their own personal sins. The “people being assholes” thing can get a little tired but I promise you it’s worth it.


This is one of those horror films set at a really big house where the lights go out. (There is a hurricane.) I realize that this is a bit of a trope, and almost its own subgenre. This is a fun spin on that trope, using a bunch of rich 20-somethings doing too many drugs. (The drugs are important.)

The film is pretty funny, with a number of good lines. I’m not young enough or not hip enough to get all of the jokes and I suspect it works better if you are one of those Incredibly Online people, as some of the language I didn’t quite get.

My biggest nitpick is the phones. I was waiting for Chekhov’s batteries to go out but they did not. I think, if I had liked the ending less than I did, I would be complaining about how there is no way that these phones would last this long.

I found the endless carping and in-fighting grating, eventually. These are miserable people and they are not fun to be around even when the script is funny. But the reveal makes it worth it. It is a good reveal as it is justified by the characters in the film, something that is often not true about twist endings. This particular ending makes up for a lot of minor quibbles I had with the film, and my exasperation with the characters.


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