Scum (1987) by Napalm Death*

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Full disclosure: my favourite Grindcore band is Anal Cunt, because they are a joke. Grindcore has always struck me as a joke, or at least something easily turned into a joke, because of the brevity of the songs and the over-the-top nature of the music. But there are and have been tons of grindcore bands and lots of people like it. And I believe that there are no bad genres. So, there must be something to grindcore. Read More

Book of Horizons (2004 Web of Mimicry) by Secret Chiefs 3

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Trey Spruance can do whatever he wants. Yes, this is certainly more scattershot / inconsistent-tonally than their earliest efforts, if only because of the concept of different bands playing different styles. And yes, the concept doesn’t quite hold up. But so what? As usual, Spruance shows that nobody can really hold a candle to him in the genre-hopping “genre”. He can do anything. And well. He continues to blow my mind. If I had any kind of musical talent, this is what I would be doing with my life too. 9/10 Read More