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Be Here Now (1997) by Oasis

The first time I heard this was like a revelation. Who was this band? Even though it’s the same producer, this album sounds so much more “rock” than Morning Glory. I thought I might have finally figured out what everyone else has.

But then I listened to it again and I realized something: I still do not like Noel Gallagher as a songwriter. He is just too damn anthemic for me but also, he just loves what he loves way too much, i.e. The Who, The Beatles circa 1965-66 (rock songs only), early Kinks, The Jam, The Smiths. The Beatles were my favourite band growing up and, for a time, The Who were my favourite band. I like the Kinks. I don’t really like The Jam and I think The Smiths are insanely overrated – albeit a very appropriate reference point for Oasis given that both bands were led by self-satisfied, super-opinionated assholes who make super safe music – but even if I did I’m not sure I’d like a band that was so worshipful of all these bands. Gallagher’s songs are super worshipful of the past, albeit through the lends of the 1990s, with its incumbent legacies of punk and much better production.

In addition to his songs, I don’t love his lyrics. I mean, I can take the generic rock music he writes (especially when it’s produced well, as it is here) but when it’s generic rock music with such inane lyrics… well it becomes harder to take.

Basically, what I’m saying is that Oasis does not enrich my life in anyway. Lots of you love them – some of you absolutely adore them – and that’s great for you, but I am not better off having listened to two full Oasis albums. My musical horizons have not expanded, I have merely learned that, in some cases, first impressions are indeed correct.


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