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Wrong (1989) by NoMeansNo

I had no idea what I was getting into with this band, assuming they were just yet another pop punk band. So I was very pleasantly surprised by this record, which really gets in my wheelhouse at times. But I can’t love the record, because, well, I’ve listened to too many of the bands that these guys like and I’ve listened to them too much.

I bet had I had heard this when I was first getting into post hardcore, I probably would have fallen in love with this and I can totally see a glowing 5 star review from my past, which I would have to temper somewhat with the knowledge which comes with age.

Instead, I hear a fun band, having a good time, and sounding a hell of lot like a lot of other bands, none more than Minor Threat/ Fugazi. (Somebody hear sounds a lot like Ian MacKaye.) But there are other bands that they resemble. On “The End of All Things” they sound a hell of a lot like Eleventh Dream Day, of all things (um, sorry). And when they quirkier, there is a distinct Minutemen vibe. And I don’t mean they sort of sound like these bands. They really sound like these bands.

But I like those bands. And they often sound more like a band that was influenced by hardcore and post hardcore than solely just a derivative of one of the bands I mentioned. Though I like originality, I also like what I like, and I’m far more interested in listening to a band that makes a racket I like than a totally original band making music I really don’t like.

And I like this racket, it is very much my cup of tea, with mathy passages and plenty of quirk, in addition to the noise. It’s the kind of record I could really love, if it weren’t so painfully obvious who these guys like to listen to.


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