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Muscles & Mayhem: An Unauthorized Story of American Gladiators (2023)

This is a miniseries about American Gladiators, a show I definitely watched as a child. There is apparently at least one other documentary out or on its way, but this is the one we found.

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Trainwreck [aka Clusterfuck]: Woodstock ’99

I think Jenn and I both thought his was the HBO documentary Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage. But instead it’s a mini series. It seems like some of the interviewees might have been in both, which sort of makes me want to watch the film, too.

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Treason is what you make it

I am a regular viewer of the Amazing Race, the only “reality” show I can handle which isn’t cooking-related. I am aware that the show is not exactly what it seems, as I am aware that it is edited and that the crew manipulate the results. I don’t care. I enjoy the “race” aspect of …