Full Circle (1997) by Pennywise

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I don’t love 90s punk, I generally find it too polished and too formulaic for my tastes. I’m not sure what it adds to the legacy of hardcore and frankly it’s all too one note. You can get away with one-note when you’re doing something brand new, but when you are doing a slightly more polished version of something that is, at this point, nearly two decades old, it’s kind of tiresome (to me). Read More

Siren Song of the Counter Culture (2004, Geffen) by Rise Against

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This has all been done before, many many times. And of course it’s somewhat hilarious when they do this done-before thing for Geffen. But that being said it’s effective for what it is, except you know when suddenly they forget they are a hardcore band. Can’t really say too much bad about it. I’d still much rather listen to the people who invented this stuff instead. 6/10 Read More