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The Fat of the Land (1997) by Prodigy

Like everyone on the planet I have heard the three singles more times than I can count. The only reason those tracks don’t sound so dated is because I’ve heard them so much; they were so much a part of my late ’90s high school life even though I didn’t even understand what electronic music was.

There is a certain appeal to this style of electronic music that kind of combines what was emerging in electronic music with an attitude that is basically “punk” (or, at times, hip hop). I understand why these songs were popular; certainly us in Canada had never heard anything like this to the best of my knowledge.

But holy shit has this music dated poorly. The technology used to make this album sounds like it comes from another era (as it does) and, given that this album was made with technology (’90s keyboards, samplers and sequencers) and only the odd vocal, it sounds like 1997.

And, frankly, the rest of the music on the record isn’t of the standard of the singles (putting aside their lyrics, which you can argue about).

This is a singles-heavy record that hasn’t dated well. But it was big in the ’90s.


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