The Fat of the Land (1997) by Prodigy

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Like everyone on the planet I have heard the three singles more times than I can count. The only reason those tracks don’t sound so dated is because I’ve heard them so much; they were so much a part of my late ’90s high school life even though I didn’t even understand what electronic music was. Read More

Trans Europa Express (1977) by Kraftwerk

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Electronic pop music already existed (thanks to Kraftwerk) by the time this record came out, but this album still feels like the beginning of something, to my ears. Though a number of the tracks are quite long, (most of) the music feels like it could have made it onto the radio in the 80s at the height of the synthpop epidemic. Read More

Millions Now Living Will Never Die (1996) by Tortoise

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Whether or not Post Rock actually began in 1994 with [i]Hex[/i] is something we can argue about, but you could say that Post Rock, for Americans, started with Tortoise. Now, I’ve never heard their earliest albums, but it’s hard not to look at this record – with its suite-like 20 minute opener, and its genre hopping between krautrock, math rock, electronic music, and other styles – and not see the foundation of American post rock and, particularly, that brand of post rock that is most influenced by electronic music (and minimalism). So, to my ears, this is a foundational record Read More

La Di Da Di (2015) by Battles

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By this point Battles has their niche pretty down pat. The only other band I can think of that sounds like them is Adebisi Shank, and for whatever reason, Battles seems to have won that public relations, ahem, battle. I missed their last album, for some reason – the one with the guest vocalists. And I don’t know that things were noticeably different there. But here, on this record, Battles sounds like, well, Battles. I don’t what it is exactly, but I feel like they’re treading water a little bit. I don’t mind the record, I just feel like I’ve Read More