Foo Fighters

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What I wrote in 2011: “I hate post-grunge.  It’s one of those few genres that I discriminate against as a genre (a practice I try to avoid).  But this has a lot going for it that most post-grunge doesn’t, namely: energy, passion, a teeny tiny bit of grit, and a relative amount of stylistic diversity (I said relative). But there are some big problems: I hope that sometime in the future Grohl started writing decent lyrics (I haven’t listened to any other albums).  These ones are…um…not very good.  And he very clearly wants you to hear them (as only one Read More

Jagged Little Pill (1995) by Alanis Morissette

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If you were born in the late ’70s, or early or mid ’80s (and especially if you’re Canadian), you probably know at least five of these twelve songs whether you like it or not. (Certainly, at age 13, I was not happy to be subjected to these five songs ad nauseum.) If you’re younger than me, you might not have been aware that Morissette was a teen pop star (in Canada anyway) prior to this release. (I was barely aware). Morissette has to be commended for having the balls (sorry) at such a young age to take such a drastic Read More

The Alchemy Index: Volume III and Volume IV – Air and Earth (2007) by Thrice

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Unfortunately Volume III takes the brief moments of Volume II that alluded to a sort of Post Grunge / “Modern” rock style and takes them to the logical conclusion. I guess some people would consider these songs “stronger” – they’re certainly catchier – by why neuter what your band does well? At least the rhythm section is way better than your standard everyday rock band. It’s certainly a bit of a departure from what I thought this band sounded like, and I guess that’s fine if you like ballads and stuff. I feel like I’m being too hard on it. Read More

Contraband by Velvet Revolver (2004 RCA)

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I remember the instant hipster derision when this came out. Specifically, I remember watching the lead single’s video, and a friend of mine – a hipster if memory serves – was nearly apoplectic when Slash stepped forward to play the solo. Apparently such a longstanding expression of “rock” authenticity was just totally uncool, at least at that moment in time. Read More

Seven Circles by the Tea Party (2004 EMI)

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Though hardly the most original band ever, the Tea Party are clearly extraordinarily talented musicians (if not much else). Their second album, The Edges of Twilight, boasts as many instruments as you can possibly imagine on a mid-’90s rock album. And though they were never original (and they stole a little too much) they were at least remotely interesting in their desire to be so out of touch with the rest of the musical world of the early ’90s. So its sad to see what has happened. Yes, there were hints of their descent on their last album, but there Read More

The Interzone Mantras by the Tea Party (2001 EMI)

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The Interzone Mantras by the Tea Party gets off to a decent start with “Interzone”, a track which suggests they are about to go to a place they have never gone (of course, not quite, because the angularity of the track is heavily flattened out to make it more accessible, and the lyrics are the usual crap). But the rest of the album, though it is relatively stylistically diverse in terms of influences, is very much watered down, radio friendly “modern rock“, which lacks much of the energy that drew people to this band in the first place. It is Read More

Transmission by the Tea Party (1997 EMI)

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It’s easy to rip on bands who rip off others. But when they rip off stuff you like, it’s significantly harder. I guess this sort of explains how the blogosphere etc can over-hype revivalist bands all the time when it might make no sense to the rest of us. If you like a genre enough, you often don’t care for originality. So I used to be a huge Tea Party fan when I was younger, and I still like their first two albums and EP enough (though I should really adjust my ratings) because I like the bands they rip Read More

Neon Ballroom (1999, Epic) by Silverchair

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A number of years ago, the most talented musician I have ever had a conversation with (as opposed to met) told me this was perhaps the best “modern rock” album of the late ’90s. I was shocked. I didn’t know they still existed at the time. Over five years later, I have finally heard it. The problem with expectations is that they can never be met. Maybe if I hadn’t been told  something so silly about this album, I might be a little more open-minded. But what I hear is… well, certainly not the best “modern rock” album of the Read More

The Golden Age of the Grotesque (Nothing 2003) by Marilyn Manson

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When an artist resorts to cheerleaders its hard to know what to think. Occasionally it can work and be funny. Most of the time it is ridiculous. The same might be said for nonsense lyrics. If you are going to scat, you should be able to sing. Singing was never Manson’s strength but he used to be able to overcome that with a least somewhat interesting music. I have seen “Freaks” too, but I don’t feel the need to sing about it. 5/10 Read More

Eat Me, Drink Me by Marilyn Manson (2007 Interscope)

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So I guess this is sort of a solo album since apparently there is no band any more. The guitarist is actually pretty good. It’s too bad he writes music that sounds like HIM gone new new wave. This is one of the more crass attempts I have seen to change up a sound to stay commercially relevant. It is pretty terrible except for that guitarist. He fucking sings about vampires. Jesus. 3/10 Read More

Holy Wood by Marilyn Manson (2000 Nothing)

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This is definitely rawer than Mechanical Animals and so it’s easier to take. But there are more ballads, a disturbing trend. And his lyrics are getting worse and worse (or maybe the music is becoming less interesting and I am paying too much attention to the lyrics). But I still prefer it to Mechanical Animals and everything else post-Antichrist Superstar. 6/10 Read More