Diva (1992) by Annie Lennox

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I am generally opposed to albums dominated by “modern” (read: contemporary) instrumentation. I hate bad 80s (and 90s!) synthesizers and generally do not like music that is made primarily by these instruments. Things that sound modern once do not normally sound modern later and that is a huge issue with so much of the pop music that was made between the late 70s and early 90s. Read More

Face Value (1981) by Phil Collins

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Phil Collins has had one of the weirder careers, starting out as a prog rock / art rock drummer (who even played jazz fusion, at times) and becoming a massive pop star. It’s an unusual arc to be sure, and this is the record that began the shift from the one to the other. And because of my fondness for prog and art rock, and because of my dislike of much mainstream pop rock, I was worried this album was going to suck and suck hard. Well, it doesn’t.  Sure, there’s the big hit, which even I must acknowledge is Read More