Tag: Slowcore

1993, Music

Painful (1993) by Yo La Tengo

I have only ever heard one Yo La Tengo album, I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, and I suspect it has ruined me for their earlier career (or, perhaps, the entirety of the rest of their career). That record may or may not be their best – I wouldn’t know – but it …

1992, Music

Down Colorful Hill (1992) by Red House Painters

I do not know the history of slowcore, as I am only familiar with a few bands (5 or so tops) that would be considered slowcore and who existed in 1992. So I find myself unable to assess whether or not this is an important record in the development of the genre, given that lack …

1996, Movies

What Would The Community Think? (1996) by Cat Power

This is a solid collection of rootsy indie music. Her songs are strong and the arrangements are idiosyncratic, albeit not anywhere near as idiosyncratic as was becoming common in the indie world. I have always thought I should get into Cat Power but, though I like this record, I find it kind of innocuous. It’s …

1996, Music

Horse Stories (1996) by Dirty Three

Dirty Three charts their own course in the post rock world, sounding nothing like other post rock bands, in part because of their unique configuration (violin, guitar, drums) and in part because of their willingness to be noisy. The performances range from mournful to unbelievably intense while sounding like literally nobody else. Great stuff. 9/10

1996, Music

The Curtain Hits the Cast (1996) by Low

Not knowing Slowcore well enough, this feels like Slowcore brought to its logical conclusion. These songs are slow. But it’s remarkable how good some of the songs are (I like “The Plan” most) and it’s also impressive that the band can get dynamic tension out such a small sound and such simple music. That’s a …

1991, Music

Everclear (1991) by American Music Club

These guys are the Kings of Slowcore, so I’ve been told. Not being the biggest devotee of the genre, I have no idea if that’s true. And if I get obsessed about influence and such, I’ll ignore the music here and focus on the fact that slowcore already existed when this came out. (Because, of …