On Listicles

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The past few days I’ve seen a few nutty lists on msn / simpatico or simpatico / msn or whatever the hell that site is called. One was “Top 10 Greatest Summer Songs” or something. Another was “The Best Albums of 1967” 40 years after the fact, or something. And another was “Canada’s Best Beaches” or something. You may ask, why? Why was I on this site? Well, when I exit hotmail: tada!  And, I love my lists, as you know. These lists are examples of three things that drive many people nuts about the “popularization” of “knowledge” via the internet, if we can Read More

The Mussel Mystery

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So, my limited research about the freshwater mussel has led me to find that indeed there are “small freshwater mussels” in the Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin regions. But the thing is, the mussels I found were not in any way “small,” (for example, they were probably 15-20 times the size of the zebra mussels I have seen), they were completely gutted out as if they had been eaten and filled with sand as if they had sat there for ever, and further the lake appeared devoid of large life. It’s still a mystery to me. Read More

Some random stuff

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More than a week ago I caught an episode of On the Lot (or as much of it as I could stand). It is Spielberg over Kubrick (that is, the populist over the auteur). No, it’s far worse than that. It’s Michael Bay, or even Gary Marshall. How anyone thinks this process could detect real artistic talent is beyond me. And now for this week’s stuff: I saw an NBA finals ad earlier this week, that focused on the Spurs and the Pistons. I guess it was made before the Cavs came back. I guess someone fucked up. Maybe the Read More

Road trip to………………

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Decatur, Illinois? That’s random. Yeah, so it looks like I’m quite possibly going to Decatur for less than a day. Drive there Tuesday. Sleep. Drive back Wednesday afternoon getting back to TO in middle of Wednesday night or something. Fun, eh? I think so…I’ve never been to Michigan or Illinois before. When I’m not driving, I’ll be able to see the sights (at least on the way there). This is instead of starting to look for a job. That sounds like a plan to me! Oh yeah, and apparently it won’t cost me any money either, which is sweet. Anyway, Read More